We are firm believers in the Hosea 4: 6 ideology that emphasizes “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.

Thus our Resource Centre is equipped with the best materials with the potentials to catalyze the growth of believers and unbelievers alike.

To enjoy exponential growth in your Health, business, finance, spiritual and social life, connect with our Resource Centre for your Books, podcasts, messages and training resources.

Get all the information you need about The Lovechannels. Learn about ways you can serve using your gifts and talents to help others. Find out more about ministry services like baptisms, baby dedications and getting married, and get resources here.


Get information on the Experience centres close to you, share your testimonies or send a prayer request.

Experience Centres

See contacts to find the nearest Experience centre to you. Fellowship with us outside of Sunday service! (Linked to a directory page showing informations about our experience centre locations, the installed pastor in that location, phone lines to reach them on and their meeting days)

Prayer Requests

If you need someone to pray with you concerning specific needs, please write and send us your prayer request(s) today. We will be glad to pray with you and pray for you. (Linked to a prayer request page with a form to fill out your prayer request)


Share your testimonies with us and encourage others. (Linked to a testimony page where you are encouraged to fill out your name and your testimony)


The Lovechannels Development School is the training arm of The Lovechannels Christian Centre

The classes below are designed to help you get to know more about The Lovechannels, understand your relationship with God better and find out about the various opportunities available to serve in The Lovechannels.

It is basically divided into two levels:

Membership Classes

This is where we teach foundational doctrines of the Kingdom and the Uniqueness of The Lovechannel

Discovery Classes

Ministry | Mission

We train people to recognise their S.H.A.P.E which enables them to know where and how best to serve.

We also prepare our members to go out into the world with the Gospel of The Kingdom


Let us answer your questions…

Get information on the necessary requirements and procedure for the following events:

  • Baby Dedication
  • Water Baptism
  • Getting Married