Family Life System accommodates every activity that bothers on family, relationship, celebrations, growth (spiritual, marital, academic etc.), bonding and development.

  • Ceremonies:
    1. Weddings
    2. Dedication preparation
    3. Marriage counseling
    4. Birthdays
  • Experience Centers
  • The Lovechannels Development School (our membership and spiritual development class).
    • The Lovechannels Voice (TLCC Voice), being the music arm of the church.
    • Dance Life Academy (DLA), being the dance skill academy of the church.
    • Channel 200 (Drama Community Group), being the acting and drama skills group of the church.
    • Technical & Sound, being the team responsible for the serene ambience and quality sound producing team of the church
    • Sound Trybe, being an alternative music community group of the church.
    • Ushers: A set of caretakers who politely directs you to your sitting position and handles all your ‘ask-me’ concerns and gives soul lifting responses.
    • Protocol: A set of intelligent and trained personnel whose responsibility is, not limited to controlling movement around special guests, ministers, altar etc., just to maintain a serene ambience during service, in and outside church auditorium.
    • Marshall: A set of professional traffic volunteers who see to the smooth traffic flow of worshippers into the church auditorium, maintenance of car park and pedestrian safety around the motorable areas before, during and after service.
    • Greeters: A set of hospitable individuals whose responsibility is to smile, greet and welcome you to church. These smiles ease you of the stress you may have encountered all day, week, or even months ago.
    • Sanctuary keepers: A set of trained industrial janitors whose responsibility is to keep church auditorium and surroundings clean and welcoming before, during and after service sessions.
    • Teens Ministry: Young folks from age 12 to age 19
    • Eagles: Young adults from age 20 and above
    • Campus Ministry (Lovestream): Our Church in the tertiary institutions is called The Lovestream.
    • Website management: Handles and manages all website activities.
    • Staff management: Responsible for all paid and volunteer staff of the church.
    • Facility management: Responsible for the maintenance and safety of the church facility.
    • Communion: Responsible for proper preparation and service of The Communion.
    • Security: Responsible for the safety and security of the church, members and items in and around the church premises inasmuch as properties could be at owners’ risk. However, if escalated, such cases would be handed over to the Security agencies as it were.
    • Information Center: Handles and disseminates every information about the church such as ministry materials, ministry information to members and inquirers.
    • Pneuma meal: Responsible for the production and circulation of the church devotional.
    • Scribes: Responsible for scripting Messages, publications and reports of service activities. Evaluates and promotes the service in writing.
    • Testimony team: Responsible for Interviewing, Screening and Recording testimonies of members and presenting for people’s consumption.
    • Chioma Rufus Ministry: Responsible for details of the Chioma Rufus Ministry.
    • Events Team: Responsible for organizing church events (Consulting and engaging guests etc.) and reviewing past events for an upgrade in the future.
    • The BOSS: The Business Owners and Senior Strategists. Responsible for growing businesses through regular business seminars and workshops to foster rapid growth in businesses.
    • Publicity Team: Responsible for the widespread of church activities, church materials and the Lead Pastor through various arms and medium of publicity.
    • Journey Management Team: The Lovechannels is a mountain top church and is fast expanding in various ways. The Journey Management Team is responsible for, but not limited to the church expansion- acquiring of properties and raising structures.
    • Kingdom Investment: Responsible for coordinating, suggesting and maintaining a better church finance system.
    • The Channels: A team of kingdom investors responsible for benevolence.
    • Love Network (Channel 1000): A team of Kingdom partners with the vision of spreading the gospel via different means as possible.
    • Special Giving: Tasked with the mandate to operate as Aaron and Hur.
    • Courageous women: A team of courageous widows.
    • Resource Center: Selling of all ministry materials.
    • Royal Ladies: The married women wing of the church.
    • The Kings: The married men wing of the church.
    • The Eagles: The singles wing of the church.
    • TLCC Kids (The Lovechannels Christian Centre kids) covers from creche, pre-nursery to pre-teens
    • Soul Care: Responsible for the care of every soul won to the kingdom and the church via calls, prayers and visitation.
    • Evangelism: Responsible for organizing church regular evangelism: Personal, Groups, Street and Citywide evangelism drive.
    • Prayer team: Responsible for the spiritual stability of the church through prayers. Organizes church prayer events- Prayer camp, Prayer rally, Prayer walk etc.
    • Prophet army: Responsible for standing in the gap for the Lead Pastor in spiritual partnership with prayers. Responsible for supporting the Lead Pastor during prayer ministrations.
    • Heritage community: This is the community group for both expectant mothers and nursing mothers.
    • Social media: Responsible for handling all ministry social media platforms.
    • Multimedia community
      1. Projection: Projecting message slides, scriptures etc.
      2. Photography: Takes photoshoots of all service events.
    • Videography: Takes video coverage of all service events.
    • Cyber promoters: Responsible for selling the ministry to the world via the cyber world space.
    • E – church (online church): Handling and engaging our online worshippers before, during and after services