Our community groups are a type of our small groups based on the interest of our members. Interest based is not affected by location and is also open to church members and friends.

It is a platform where people of the same interest come together to enhance their skills and interests in the most professional and godly way. Meetings are held at least twice a month.

You can say The Lovechannels Community Group is a platform for people to build strong relationships with like minds, give and receive love, have fun, grow, hone and maximize their full potentials.

Locate a community groups here:

  • Media Community
  • Photography
  • Sound
  • Facilities
  • Elegant Ladies
  • Visual Media
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Ushers
  • Greeters
  • Instrumentalists
  • Marshals
  • Social Media
  • Sound Trybe
  • Dance Lifestyle Academy
  • Channel 200 (Drama)
  • Channel 400 (Evangelism)
  • Soul Care
  • Social media
  • Scribes

The Church shall ALWAYS be referred to as The Lovechannels” or “The Lovechannels Christian Centre

Starting with Capital Letter T for The and Capital L for Lovechannels.

The following are not be accepted –

Lovechannels, LoveChannels, Lovechannel, Love Channel, The Lovechannel.

Theme Font:

Theme Font for letters and documents shall be Calibri (body) 14.


Being unified in Love and changing the world demands that you;

  1. Connect and Know it: 

You cannot change the world if you do not know Christ.

This is why every member of The Lovechannels will be required to know and understand the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

  1. Live it: 

Our lives should be the letter that everyone around should read first. For we are the epistles of Christ, written without ink. It is not enough to know that Jesus Christ is Lord. You must live like He is.

  1. Tell it: 

To change the world also means to publicly announce the GOODNEWS of Christ.

To Proclaim God’s reckless love for all mankind around us and beyond.

We’ve been commanded to do so.